Certifications & Safety Management

River Town’s Certifications

River Town Painting and Construction helps create products and ideas that promote safety and add value to our customers facilities.
  • Experienced in Sonneborn caulking material
  • Certified General Polymer Floor Coatings
  • Experienced in containments using spray Polyurea systems
  • Follow OSHA rules and requirements
  • Maintain safe work site
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Proper disposal of contaminated materials
  • Spray booth equipped

River Town’s Safety Commitment

River Town employees sign an annual Safety Commitment to keep safety a high priority at all times. The Safety Commitment says, “I am dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment and will demonstrate my commitment to safety through these actions:
  • I am committed to an incident and injury free workplace.
  • I agree that every job can be done safely.
  • I will be concerned for my safety and safety of those around me.
  • I will identify and correct or report any and all unsafe conditions.
  • I will continually improve my safety behaviors.
  • I will be familiar with and abide by River Town safety policies and procedures, including required training.
  • I will never take shortcuts at the expense of safety.
  • I agree that working safely is a condition of my employment.
  • I will be totally committed to safety excellence.
  • I will make these commitments part of my everyday life at work and at home.

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